beep™ Partners With BPI To Promote Contactless Commute Using QR Tickets

AF Payments Inc., the operator of the beep™ contactless ticketing and payment system, welcomes BPI as its first third-party QCAT ticket issuer.

The AFPI-owned QCAT system enables QR-based ticketing for public transport and is based on specifications and process documentation that can be accessed on the Internet for free.

While QCAT tickets are currently accepted by a limited number of transport operators only, AFPI invites more transport operators to participate in the new QCAT ticketing system and make commuting more convenient for their passengers.

How does it work?

Using the BPI Mobile app, customers can generate QR tickets that are valid for 24 hours. The QR ticket can then be used to ride the bus of a particular operator on a specific route and from a specific departure station.

The customer uses the BPI Mobile app to pay for the ticket from their savings or checking account. The mobile application then generates a QR code, which represents a transport ticket for a single trip.

How to generate a beep™ QR ticket

1. On your BPI Mobile app, go to "Payments/Load."
2. Choose "Buy beep™ QR ticket."
3. Choose the account you wish to use.
4. Select which area you are commuting to.
5. Choose your "Route", "Source Location", and "Destination."
6. Review the details and click "Confirm."
7. Enter your One-Time PIN (OTP) then select "Submit."

You can take a screenshot to have a copy of your ticket, or change the settings from your phone so that your beep™ QR will be automatically saved in your photo gallery.

How to use the beep™ QR ticket

1. Have your beep™ QR code ready before reaching the turnstile / scanner.
2. Scan the QR code from your smartphone on the turnstile / scanner before boarding the bus or ferry.

The validation devices installed at the terminals of participating transport operators scans the QR code displayed on the smartphone and verifies that the ticket is valid for the respective operator, route and departure stop. The terminal also ensures that the ticket can only be used once at this terminal.

Customers must not share the QR ticket with anybody as multiple uses of the same ticket may lead to additional charges for the customer.

The Future of Transport Ticketing

With this new technology, AF Payments Inc. introduces mobile phone-based transport tickets that can be used on affordable smartphones, because the technology does not require expensive phones with contactless NFC capability.

QCAT is freely available on the Internet. Any organization can become a QCAT ticket issuer and sell tickets to their customers and any transport operator may choose to accept QCAT tickets.

AFPI ensures that tickets are validated and settlement is performed with the QCAT ticket issuer and the transport operators. This entire system is supported by the company’s infrastructure for cryptographic services, necessary to ensure that only authorized QCAT ticket issuers can create valid QCAT tickets. AFPI’s systems are designed to minimize fraud in the system.

Compared to other QR systems it is important to note that the AFPI QCAT ticketing system does not offer payment facilities. The QCAT ticketing system is designed to work in high-throughput application such as at busy bus stops or even train stations.

Partner With beep™

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