beep™ Card Expiry Date Extension Program

The beep™ Express Renewal terminals are deployed at all LRT1, LRT2, and MRT3 stations. 

See terms and conditions below:


beep™ Card Expiry Date Extension Program

Version 1.7 – Released 27 November 2020


The following terms and conditions ("Terms & Conditions") govern the consumer’s participation in the card expiry extension program of AF Payments Inc (“AFPI”).

  1. Eligibility:

This offer applies to beep™ cards that have a load balance of at least ten pesos (P10) and has an expiry date within 90 days. Concessionary Cards are also eligible (even if the balance on their concessionary card is less than P10).

  1. Program Mechanics:
  • This offer is valid for the period from December 2019 until December 2021. AFPI reserves the right to withdraw this extension program at any time if in AFPI's assessment the durability, functionality or security levels are not sufficient to support a longer validity period of the card.
  • Cards can be extended ninety (90) calendar days prior and ninety (90) calendar days after the expiry date printed on the card or encoded on the contactless chip embedded in the card (for example, cards that are valid until the end of June 2021 can be extended from 01 April 2021 to 28 September 2021).

The expiry date of expiring beep™ cards that are tapped on the Express Renewal terminal will be extended by one (1) year. The new expiry date will be based on the same month as the original expiry date with one year added (for example, the new expiry date for a card valid until end June 2020 will be the end of June 2021). Expiring or expired cards can only be extended once. 

  • There will be a fee of ten pesos (P10) for the card extension service. This fee will be deducted from the card balance during the card expiry date extension transaction. Cards that are removed from the Express Renewal terminal before the fee can be deducted may be blacklisted and blocked by AFPI.
  • The customer will have five (5) seconds to decide whether to allow the card expiry date extension transaction and fee deduction to go ahead, starting from the moment the card is placed on the reader of the Express Renewal terminal. If the card is not removed during this time, the cardholder agrees to the transaction and the associated fee. Once the transaction is completed, it cannot be reversed or refunded.
  • Non-concessionary cards that may become defective after the expiry date extension may no longer be replaced by AFPI.
  • The Express Renewal terminals will be deployed in LRT and MRT stations. The final list of Express Renewal terminal locations will be available in the beep website (
  • The following cards will not be eligible for expiry date extensions:
    • Cards with less than P10 load balance (excluding Concessionary Cards)
    • Cards that have already been extended using the Express Renewal terminal
    • Cards with expiry date that does not fall within the period specified for the extension (90 days prior and 90 days after the printed expiry date)
    • Blacklisted Cards, Timebound[1] Concessionary Cards, or Special Purpose[2] Cards
    • Concessionary Cards that are not time-bound will be extended free of charge.

[1] Timebound concessionary cards have a time limit in which the concessionary cardholder is eligible for the concessionary card. For example, Student cards may be timebound whereas Senior Citizen cards are not.

[2] For example, staff cards of rail employees