Press Release - EDSA Loop and the Automated Fare Collection System




EDSA Loop and the Automated Fare Collection System 

AF Payments Inc. (AFPI) is working closely with the Department of Transportation (DOTr), and the public transport operators, for the continuous improvement of the cashless implementation in EDSA. AFPI is committed to supporting the initiative of the government to promote the safety and well-being of the riding public. 

AFPI was invited by the bus consortium and the DOTR sometime in June to propose a solution to which AFPI in its desire to help restart the country’s economy immediately responded.

In addition to the safety and health considerations relative to the pandemic, an automated cashless fare collection system supports the shift of the public transport industry to an improved vehicle dispatch and operations system. This is to replace the free for all operations caused by the “boundary system” compensation of the past.

Since this system was launched on Aug 1 to Sept 30, 2020, AFPI has waived the monthly service fees for the first few months of the beep card operations to help the Bus Consortiums and Bus operators that are impacted by lower utilization of their vehicles due to the pandemic. To further reduce the impact of the shift to cashless ticketing, AFPI reduced the cost of the beep™ cards during the initial phase which ran from August 1 to September 30, 2020.

At the end of the initial phase of implementation, specifically October 1, the beep™ cards were sold for P80 at zero-profit, still partially subsidized as the full cost upon turnover to buyer is more than P80. This is a one-time purchase for the passenger, and those that already have their own cards (there are 7M card in circulation) may continue using it by topping up the balance with any amount the passenger chooses. AFPI does not impose a minimum load, but the passengers have to ensure that there are enough funds on the card for the intended route. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a beep™ card?

  • beep™ is a reloadable stored value card that can be used for fare payments in MRT and LRT, EDSA buses, P2P buses, as well as modern PUVs and ferry. Each card is valid for four (4) years.
  • Currently there are 7M beep cards in circulation that can be used in the train lines and on EDSA buses.
  • Cardholders can also earn points with every use by registering to the beep™ rewards program using the beep™ mobile app.

How much is a beep™ card and where can I buy one?

  • beep™ cards are available at P80 without load. These are available at EDSA bus stops, P2P terminals, and retail stores like FamilyMart and Ministop.
  • Cards are also available at MRT and LRT stations. As part of the agreement with the government, the selling price for these cards are subsidized by both AFPI and the rail operator.
  • Passengers are reminded to buy cards only from authorized resellers and that only cards with our official beep™ logo are interoperable with the fare collection devices in rail and EDSA buses.

How do I use beep™ for EDSA buses?

  • The EDSA Loop utilizes a tap-in/tap-out method for a multi-stop and a multi-fare route. This method requires that the passenger, upon Tap-In has enough load in his beep card to cover the maximum fare for the remainder of the route all the way to the very last stop. However, only the actual fare is charged upon Tap-Out by returning the unused funds to the card. There are other options available in the AFPI system, but we are implementing the manner of fare collection as instructed by the public transport operators.

How can I check my card balance?

  • To monitor the balance on the card, users can sign up to the beep™ mobile application and register their card there (however, please note that there is a delay between using the card and the balance change in the beep application because the beep card is functioning completely offline with occasional updates of the backend system only).